Training Courses
Mike Lee Solutions
Firearms and Personal Protection Training Solutions
Long Prairie Gun and Archery Club
This is where all of our Range Instruction and training is
Blue Lake Casino and Hotel
This is where most of our Classroom instruction is
NRA Instructors Website
Great resource for NRA Instructors or those looking for
NRA Instruction.
NRA Web Portal
NRA Online Training
California Approved Handgun List
California Approved Handgun List on California
Department of Justice Website.
Safety Certs Home Page
Great resource for NRA Certified Instructors looking for a
NRA Training Counselor to become a NRA Certified
Instructor in another discipline or anyone interested in
becoming a NRA Certified Instructor.
Great resource for anyone looking for accurate up-to-date
information on all aspects of Carry Concealed Weapon
(CCW) in California.
United States Concealed Carry Association
Great resource for anyone looking for information on
aspects of Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) in the United
Self Defense Firearms Training
Great resource for exceptional firearms training in
Southern California.
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Front Sight At Home Training
Gunsite Academy
Thunder Ranch
Massad Ayoob Group