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Initial CCW Training Course
Training Courses
Our training curriculum has been approved by the Humboldt County and Trinity County
Sheriff's Offices and meets the training requirements of Humboldt and Trinity County for
issuance or renewal of a California Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) Permit.


    Our Initial CCW Training Course includes 8 hours of Classroom Instruction, 8 Hours of
    Range Instruction, a 50 round Shooting Qualification Test for all firearms desired on the
    CCW, and a Certificate of Training.

Course Goal

    “To meet the training requirements for issuance of an Initial California Concealed Carry
    Weapons Permit (CCW) by the Humboldt County and Trinity County Sheriff's Offices.”

Lessons (Day 1 - Classroom)

  1. Strategies for Personal Safety
  2. Threatening Encounters
  3. Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting
  4. Methods of Carrying a Concealed Handgun
  5. Principles of Concealed Carry
  6. Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry

Lessons (Day 2 - Range)

  1. Four Universal Safety Rules
  2. Range Commands
  3. Diagnostic Shooting Assessment
  4. Trigger Reset
  5. Follow-through
  6. Presentation from a Concealed Holster
  7. Engaging the Threat
  8. After Action Drills
  9. Verifying the Condition of your Firearm
  10. Re-holstering
  11. Shooting Test


    The are no prerequisites for taking this course.

    Course Completion

    Upon successful completion of the Shooting Test, students will be issued the “Carry
    Concealed Handgun Training and Qualification Form” developed by and mandated by
    the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Training Price

    CCW Course (Initial) -- $100.00 for students that have never had a CCW or have
    allowed their CCW to expire.